I will bring this version back at soon as possible.
Currently I am working on a new site, which will have a multi player shitgame game. Long overdue.
And as I took so long, www.shithead.com seems to have a multiplayer version ( not sure if it works )
I played the bots and downloaded the code. very similar to my version.
My new site : realworldchat.com In very first beta stages, Live Random chat, message boards, Chess, 15% of shithead done ( sorry very soon, get your accounts now. Will be fully functional within weeks.
With many more games, ideas, let me know what is wanted for this site. Any suggestions.
contact me for account : karmacardgame@yahoo.co.uk


New features for V6.3

Im hoping all bugs have been sorted but if you notice anything please email me karmacardgame@yahoo.co.uk

You mow have the choice of 4 different game types:

- Standard -
Normal games of shithead, you can play against 1-3 computer players.

- Horse -
Play against one computer player, the loser of each game gets a letter, first to spell SHITHEAD loses.

- Bonus Run -
Play quick games with only half a deck of cards, against one computer player.
All games are beatable, Win as many consecutive games as possible.
The best score seen for that month will be added, unfortunately at the moment only a very basic,
high score system so its anonymous but look out for your best displayed.

- Main Game -
The main game is played against 3 computer players. At the end of each game, depending on what position
you went out, you have up to 3 attempts to win a beatable bonus game. 1st out 3 attempts, 2nd - 2 attempts
3rd - 1 attempt & being shithead, no bonus game available. Winning a bonus game will earn you rewards which
can be used in the main game to gain advantage on the computer.

-:Bonus Rewards:-

Steals are used at the beginning of the game when you are selecting your top & hand cards.
Good for improving your hand or save them up and use to ruin a computers hand.
Click on one of your cards then click on one of the computers cards to steal.

Peeks can be used any time during the main play. You get to view the computers hand and bottom cards.
You can only view one computer at a time so using 2 or more in 1 game will swap the computer to view.
Great for stitching the computer on last card and to see what is coming your way.
You can also use peeks to look at your blind table cards.
To peek, click the peek display then click the computer to view. Click peek again to cancel.

Swaps are used during main play and only when all remaining players have cards in their hand.
All players swap hand cards in the direction your currently playing in.
The most powerful tool, used at the right time, definitely shouldn't be wasted.
To swap, click the swap display.

* -1/-2 *
Minus score points, gain advantage on the score board, you need to beat the computer moves for this reward.


'Up' Key - Speed up computers play time.
'Down' key -Slow down computers play time.
'A' key - Auto card select, Toggle on/off.
'P' key - Select card pack colour.
'R' key - Reset loses count.
'O' key - Change sort order of hand cards.
'X' key - Give up & lose current round.
'Q' Key - Return to Main Menu. (All scores are reset)

While playing a Beatable Bonus Game.
'S' key - Show a computer example of beating the last or current game.
'T' key - Start the example game.

From the menu screen you have the choice to goto the full option screen or straight into a predefined game.
Click to the right of a predefined game to goto option screen before playing.
On the option screen, change the settings by clicking on the cards or answers.



Two ( The Reset Card ) -
A two can be laid on anything ( * Other options may apply ) and anything can be laid on a two.

Ten ( The Burn Card ) -
The ten clears ( or burns) the cards laid pile and the player gets another go. You have the choice of the value the ten can be played on(Ten, Ace)

4 of a kind burn -
If four or more cards of the same value are played consecutively, or at the same time, then the laid cards are cleared. The player to put the last card down in this series gets another go.

All other cards are in order of value 3 (lowest) ace (highest)


Lower Than Card (LTC)-
When the LTC is laid the next player must lay a lower value.
Options for the value the LTC can be laid on :
1) 1 value lower than the LTC - This means the LTC cannot be laid on the the LTC.
2) The value of the LTC - Played as normal in order. i.e 7 cannot be laid on 8 or higher.
3) A King - The LTC can be laid on anything except an Ace.
4) An Ace - Can be laid on anything ( * Other options may apply )

Pick-Up \ Trump card -
When laid the next player can only lay the trump card or pickup.
(This card is only used once in the game so is discarded after use)

Invisible card-
The invisible card can be laid on anything ( * Other options may apply )
The next player must beat the value below.

Miss a go card-
When one of these cards is played the next player's turn is skipped. when two or more of this card are laid at the same time that number of consecutive players are skipped.

Go Again Card -
The Go Again Card can be laid on anything ( * Other options may apply ) or have to be played in order.
When played the player lays again but has play a higher card, this includes a two. 2's cannot go on the go again card.
* Special rules for a 2 chosen for the go again card -:
If a two is played on an empty table the player does NOT get another go.
If an invisible card is layed on a 2 the player gets another go.

Reverse Direction -
When laid the direction of play reverses. If more than one laid the direction still only changes once.

Jokers - only two per pack.
The jokers can be added as either the Pick-Up card, An Invisible & Reverse direction card, Clear Card or the highest value card. Jokers can be laid on anything ( * Other options may apply )

The Shooting Ace:
When laid the player chooses another player to shoot, the player shot can lay an invisible card to shoot back, a 10 to burn/clear
or another ace to shoot another player or shoot back. If not then they pick up.
Click the 'A' Button to pick what cards can go on the shooting Ace. Default rules as above.
Note: Only an invisible card or Ace shoots back, all others cards, play continues as normal.


Non-Finisher cards cannot be played to go out of a game, if laid the player picks up. Seperate option screen to select Non-Finisher Cards.

Pickup with Top Cards - When playing from your top cards and you cannot go, you can pick up card(s) from your top hand with the pick up pile.

Option to change the number of table start cards & hand start cards separately.

The first player out loses a shithead point (if they have any). *Only if playing at least 2 computer players

Strategic Pick ups - when on, you can pick up the laid pile even if you can go.

Chance Card - If you cannot go and there are cards left in the deck, you can chance the top deck card.

****Seperate Rules only used in the Fineos pre-defined game :-
1) Direction of play reverse's if a joker is played on a joker.
2) When 9's are burnt, players swap hand cards, contra flow


To get a pre defined game added with new rules, find the hidden screen, Play from the 'select from all options screen' and when the conditions are right and with a bit of luck, you will find the screen.


First swap your cards. The top & side rows are the computer's already picked top cards. The bottom row are your table cards. The row above, your cards in your hand.
Click on either a card from your cards in hand or cards from table. Then a card from the other row to swap cards or click auto swap.

To lay your cards, click on the cards you want to lay. Then click the middle area to lay those cards.

If you have to pick up ,click on the cards laid pile.

If you want to take a chance card, click on the chance pile ( when highlighted ) then on the card laid pile

To play your cards facing down on the table , click a card to turn it over Then the middle to lay it.

You can toggle between showing card rules on screen by clicking show rules.



The aim of shithead is to get rid of all your cards. Each player is given (3-5) secret cards (face down) and (3-5) cards face up for all to see on the table. The player receives (3-5) cards in hand for only the player to see. The remaining cards are placed face down on the table in a pile.

At the beginning stage of the game the players can swap cards in their hand for cards on the table facing up.
Usually best cards are placed on the table as these cards are on show.

The player with the lowest card that is not a special card starts. In this game the computer to the left of you always gets first check if lowest cards as we used to play the fasted down with the lowest goes first and computers are pretty quick these days.The players then take turns to lay a card(s) which has the same or higher value ( or special card). You can play more than one card at a time as long as they are of the same value. For every card you put down it is replaced with a card from the pile so you always have at least five cards in your hand. If you cannot go and there are cards remaining in the pile you can use the top card from the pile as a chance card if you want. If you still cannot go or there are no cards remaining in the pile you must pickup the all the cards laid.

When the cards in your hand are gone you move on to the cards facing up on the table. Once all the cards facing up are gone you then can move on to the cards facing down.

The cards facing down can only be laid one at a time. As you cannot see these cards you just have to guess. If at any point while playing your cards on the table you pick up. You then go back to playing the picked up cards in your hand and cannot play the cards on the table until all cards have been played from your hand. Once all your cards facing down are gone and you have no cards left in your hand you are out. The last remaining player is the loser


Most computers on the web should run java applets,
If this applet does not work CLICK HERE This is a link to the applets help section of www.freddys-utilities.co.uk it is an excellent site for explaining solutions to problems it does it easily and clearly. Check it out for other problems as well.


Two sites for all java games and resources

Pagat a site about card games, This link is to
an info page on shithead, which has links
to other versions(Including an online game)




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Jan 2004

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